Precision Bending

Are you loosing time and money by welding it? - Precision Bending is faster, better, stronger and lighter. By the way, bending it improves appearance and value of your products and, regardless of your batch sizes, you are a winner. That's what we call "cnc bending flexibility."

Discover the Power of Bending

and cut down on your production costs!

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Bend better. Bend with us

Selecting ECODYNAMICS-PRECIFAB Services for your Production Requirements saves you time, money and headaches.

Do not hesitate! Inquire and tell us about your wishes and needs. With our 6 axis Back Gauge CNC Bending Machine from Trumpf, we have the solution to your most complex bends.

With our own rail spur we can ship large quantities efficiently and fast by railcar. Small orders are shipped UPS or US Mail.